Who We Are

A Brand that love to make things happen in Sustainable Way!

We are an Africa global brand offering Innovative Insurance Agency Services to families and businesses across Africa.

Our agency brand provides independent insurance advisory and broad range of insurance agency services in Nigeria and Africa.

We are an ethical, innovative, and value driven insurance agency brand committed to keeping: Families, Businesses and Communities productive and fulfilled through delivering functional; relevant; beneficial and cost-effective insurance services with sustainable value.

With our purpose driven team, our focus is to bring smiles to every family and SMEs in Nigeria and Africa; engage in strategic long-term relationship with our clients and to develop and maintain an open, honest, ethical business relationship and innovation in delivery.

We disrupt conventional thinking and models while delivering highest quality professional customer service at fair price.

As a trusted independent agency, we serve you first; delivering an exceptional balance in value, price and customer experience for a sustainable value!

Our Mission

Our Goal

Our Mission is to keep families, Businesses and community productive and fulfilled through delivering functional, relevant, beneficial and cost effective insurance services with sustainable value.
We believe in Win/Win approach and therefore, committed to seeing a well-served and informed insuring community.

Our Commitment

This We'd Do For Generations

Our commitment is to help EVERY Family and SMEs access Insurance with EASE.


What We Do

Help Africa Make VALUABLE Leverage on Insurance

We are helping every home and businesses access Insurance with ease across the inaccessible rural areas to the exciting and bursting energies across the cities. Our goal is to simplify insurance and to bring smiles to every home & businesses in Nigeria and Africa.

Through our brand we transform and impact lives and the Africa continent with insurance.

We connect Insurance consumers to relevant, functional and affordable insurance across the continent.

We help the agency network productive in value delivery for the people of Africa through our support and auxiliary services to the eco-system.

What Bring Us Fulfilment

Energizes Us

Our Fulfillment flows from EVERY smile we bring to EVERY home & business in Nigeria and Africa!

Our Value Proposition


We simplify, create and provide easy access to insurance without hassle.


We execute and deliver Sustainable Value in an unconventional way to bring continuous worthwhile Insurance Experience.


We do not compete on price but negotiate fair value for superior value delivery.


Insurance just got easier with us. If you redefine or can re-imagine convenience, we’d make it happen for you.


We create unique user and customer experience across generations.

Cost Reduction

NEVER would you have feel or doubt if your Insurance was worth It!