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Property Insurance

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Whatever line of business you’re in, chances are your business operates from some sorts of premises- whether that means an office, home office. Your premises probably contain the majority of your business contents and trade stock. So, what if the building was damaged, or the contents were lost or stolen? With building and contents insurance, the cost of rebuilding or replacing is covered.

Whatever line of business you are in and whatever size it is, we’d seamlessly connect you to the right Insurers.

Rental Landlord Insurance

If you let your property to tenants (whether you are a buy-to-let landlord or an accidental landlord renting out a house you can’t afford to sell) you’d need more than just a home insurance.

Although you are not legally required to have a landlord insurance, there are risks associated with a rented property that won’t be covered under a house insurance policy. And without the right cover, unexpected events can leave you seriously out of pocket.

So, whether you let a small flat or a large house, We’d SEAMLESSLY connect you to the right Insurer.

Commercial Landlord Insurance

Whether you rent out offices, shops or warehouses we’d SEAMLESSLY help you secure a perfect cover.


Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you have a bus or body trucks, refrigerated vans or company cars for your sales force – your commercial vehicles are important to your livelihood. That's why smart business owners know that the right commercial auto insurance means one less worry.

Auto Insurance is a very simple thing that causes a lot of grief and confusion for many people. The lack of knowledge when shopping for a general auto insurance policy is the problem that most people are confronted with. We understand how confusing it can be to shop around for auto insurance, and take our time to inform you and truly assess what your needs and wants are out of your coverage, you can save a lot of stress and potential financial complications when the unexpected occurs.

At OIAS, we understand the importance of vehicles to business owners. And we’d help you negotiate with forward thinking insurers the coverages and services to accommodate your commercial vehicles.



Group Protection
Group Life

This provides financial and emotional support for your employees' dependants, at a time when it's needed most (When any of your employee passes on).

Group Critical Illness

This will provide financial support for your employees when they are diagnosed with a critical illness or undergo an operation covered by the policy.

Group Income Protection

This provides financial support for employees during illness or injury, including practical help and rehabilitation support to either keep them in work or get them back into the workplace as quickly as possible.

Private Health Insurance

Depending on the number of employees you have and how you'd like to support them, we’d help you structure and connect with the right health insurance provider.

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