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Home Insurance

Home Sweet Home. Your house is more than a structure – it is special and unique, the place you rest your head at night and raise awesome family. It doesn’t look like the other homes on your street, so why should your insurance policy? That’s what makes our Agency brand unique. With our commitment to thriving family, years of experience and strategic partnerships with trusted, innovative and long-term thinking insurers, we’ll make sure that the insurance policy that protects your home is 100% customized to you.

Whether you live in a rented apartment or owned property, or a mix of ownership and income rental apartment: we’d SEAMLESSLY help you secure a perfect cover to protect your Home.

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Life & Disability Insurance

No one knows when the unexpected can occur. While unexpected loss is not part of anyone’s personal plans, it should always be considered in our financial plans. The death benefit protection offered by a life insurance policy can be a key component of a sound financial plan. It can offer income protection to guard your loved ones’ standard of living or estate liquidity to protect assets from the eroding effects of taxes, as well as pay for any expenses your family will incur after your death, including payout to your beneficiaries.

At OIAS, we understand the importance of Family Vision and fulfilments and we are here to walk with you on that Vision through generations and to ensure that nothing threatens the fulfilment of it regardless of any crisis or stormy times. 

We are passionate and committed to seeing families thrive through generations. Your family bond and Unity deserve to remain InTact. 

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Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

If you want to have financial security in the future, getting health insurance for your family is a great start. We all invest in our cars and homes, and possibly even banks, financial markets and schooling, yet it can sometimes be easy to forget about investing in our own health. Without having a health insurance plan, you are putting yourself and everything you have at risk. Your health and your family’s health is an investment for your future.

Depending on the the size of your family and how you'd like to support them, we’d help you structure and connect with the right health insurance provider.

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"NEVER will a family go under because of a loss or crisis under my watch"

~ Ope' Osiyemi

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